About Winter Coats Joggers and Funnel Neck Sweatshirts

Based on your feedback, you would like to see my stories try to create a permanent home on the Blog. I am so happy to allow this! Every month I will share my top-Try-on with you in a detailed article like this. I will share each Look / piece and write down my thoughts. You can always go back and reference them if you need to buy or do some research.

Bernardo Coat xs (full outfit details here) – this coat dates back to December 2019, but it’s back in stock, so I tried again. This is one of my favorite coats. It is not the most flattering, but it is functional and ideal for those cold and windy days. If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know I love Bernardo clothes. They make some of the most flattering buffer coats of all time. Although this one isn’t small, the length doesn’t bother me and it actually fits pretty well. It has an attached Waist, zippers at the bottom to help you walk, and it is lightweight but still warm. One thing to consider-since it has a Curly Waist, when the coat is unwrapped, the bottom shimmers a little. I do not mind, but still something to consider.

Abercrombie Short Puffer xs (full outfit details here)-this coat is exactly the same coat as the one below, it’s only medium length-good weight, fleece lined and super warm. I thought I liked the length, but once I pulled it up, because it’s right next to my hips, it’s hard to walk. But I need to increase the size, so I wonder if it would help. I don’t usually wear my coats, so technically I don’t think that’s a problem, but it’s just something to consider. It runs small in the shoulders and arms.

Abercrombie Maxi Puffer petite xs – full outfit details here) – I tried this coat last year and didn’t keep it because I have my Bernardo Maxi coat, but I saw it coming in small size This year. I ordered the small xs to try and the fit is amazing. I would even say it runs a little tight in the shoulders, so I waist up to the petite petite. This coat is your warmest coat and it is really super warm. I’ve had a few DM readers tell me they own the coat and it’s warm enough for their cold winters. It is lined with fleece, even in the pockets, and it has a good amount of weight too. This is a great coat and at a great price.

Banana Republic Sherpa Jacket petite xs(full outfit details here)-I first saw a short Sherpa jacket like this on Helena from Brooklyn Blonde and loved her casual look. This one fits amazingly and it’s hot too. I had no chance to wear it just because it freezes, but I hope it will be a staple for Fall / Spring. I really like color too!

Zella Joggers xxs(full outfit details here) – they are small and friendly! I want to shout this because Zella is one of my favorite sports brands and its joggers are rarely small. They are rather an athletic Jogger, but super comfortable. They are not as high as I would like, but still and very convenient Jogger Option.

Zella funnel collar White xs, gray xxs (full details of the outfit here) – I’m all for turtlenecks in winter. Instead of combining my Leggings and outerwear with sweaters, I will look for these turtlenecks. I was initially attracted to these because of the ribbed details and funnel neck. I also like it to come in white. However, they are large. The xxs suits me best.

A few readers shared that Zella-Mehlis had a very similar Option for his fellow citizens. I don’t know how this one is going,but it may be worth looking at it, because as mentioned above, the one I’m wearing is fine.

Topshop Borg Coat petite xs ( full outfit details here) – I first ordered the Madewell Sherpa jacket, but it was too big. I saw this small Borg jacket from Topshop and immediately ordered. It’s a bit oversized and bloated, but I like it. The shoulders and arm length fit well and it is not too long. I love this style with jeans and slippers.

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