Best Barely Sandals

*I want to take a moment to acknowledge what was going on in the world. I know that the majority of us in these uncertain times have to do with fear, stress, fear and sadness. I’m right there with you, and I’m trying to navigate it as best I can. After dying was said, I want to use this platform as a way to connect and perhaps provide a little distraction from all the heaviness. Know that we are all there together and do our best.

Have you ever started buying spring sandals? I know it will take a while until we wear it in the PNW, but I will not lie, I have already started collecting. Shoes are always one of the first pieces I turn to change my wardrobe – you can exchange boots for sandals while still wearing your jeans and sweaters from the winter. Of all the spring sandals, barely-there sandals are my favorite trend this season, and Nordstrom has the best selection! I love that they are available in so many shapes and styles and are so flattering on every frame. Below I share my favorite styles and show you how to wear them.

While I was styling dresses last year, I wanted a pair of sandals with heels, but that wasn’t overly elegant or high. I like to wear flat sandals, but for some of these dresses it’s nice to be a little high. I can’t find everything I liked there, but I saw a blogger wearing a strappy sandal with a very short heel. She wore them with jeans, dresses and shorts and at that moment I realized that style could work one me. Of course, as soon as I saw what I wanted, the shoes could not be found anywhere. Thankfully, barely-there sandals are a big trend this year and all brands are making their version of them.

When I found these Jared ankle strap sandals by Marc Fisher at Nordstrom, I knew that this could be the ones (that I saw last year). The bare leather was an added bonus. I absolutely love that these are a casual chic sandal (if that makes sense). They are so versatile-dress them up or down, with jeans or a dress – and they are easy to II: your appearance. You need some time to break in the straps (I wore thin socks to wear them), but once you wear them, they are perfect. The barely existing style is already super flattering, but the naked color makes it even more stretchy. I can’t wait to wear those shorts or a dress!

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