Best Men Coat Styles

Winter is in most cases garbage. But all the garbage – cold, dark, damp-provides a big Bonus: you can again wear large coats. The right coat is an outfit in itself, a piece that combines functionality and style like nothing else in your wardrobe.

They are also quite insensitive to trends. Which means that even a rare buyer can secretly create a high-quality collection – from Parkas to Heritage Shearling Jackets-for a few years. If so, it means that you are buying correctly.

“Look for something that is good quality, stylish and versatile,” says Nick Eley, Head of Design at ASOS. “You want something that lasts as long as it is good. Because you will wear it a lot, you will need it to work with the other clothes in your wardrobe.”

Style is of course a consideration. But not at the expense of Comfort. No man ever looked very trembling. “The most important thing in a winter coat is something that keeps you warm and dry,” says Freddie Kemp, stylist at Thread. “In an ideal world, you would have a collection of all styles here, because each one fulfills a different practical and stylistic purpose.”

Parka Jacket

This original Inuit became a staple of the U.S. army worldwide in the 1950s and adopted its famous green color and fur lining. During the Korean War, the lighter fishtail parka evolved for the tropical climate, then became a favorite for Mods who would throw you on their costumes to stay safe on their scooters. As with any military, it has now become a staple of modern wardrobe.

Menswear brands are increasingly learning from Outdoor brands that specialize in technical fabrics, so this Season’s Parkas focus on both functionality and style.

“High water resistance is good,” Kemp says. “Don’t be afraid of artificial technical fabrics, because they tend to be better than natural fabrics to protect you from the elements. If you want more warmth, look for a down filling.

“Go for a loose fit, but try to avoid being too oversized because you don’t want it to look slouchy. For length, choose a style that goes from the middle of the thigh to the knee.”

Down Jacket

Another style that takes advantage of the outdoor trend is the one preferred by the Ramblers and Ravers of the 90s. Down jackets offer almost unbeatable warmth, especially for the weight of the coat itself, and when the weather is variable, they are ideal for putting on and taking off quickly.

The most common Styles are cut to the Waist, thinner than The Michelin man and designed in block colors that combine as well with seam as waterproof pants. However, the most modern examples add a few Extras. Wear parka-style hoods and longer hems for extra protection, while hiking-style details such as large patch pockets or contrasting color panels or fabric enhance the look.

Heat comes naturally from feathers-nature’s best insulators that capture body heat inside. But this is a controversial point for animal advocates, who argue that this is a cruel way to spend the winter. If you share these concerns, check out eco-friendly outdoor brands such as Patagonia and The North Face, which make their coats durable and offer pet-free alternatives.

Long Coat

Can you touch your toes? Because your coat could be this Season. This year, designers are walking for a long time with trench coats reminiscent of early military styles, pads that look like sleeping bags, and wraparound woolen coats like the ones Richard Gere wore in the American Gigolo.

If you do not live beyond the Arctic circle, the question arises whether you need such an impressive layer, but practicality here is only half the point. It’s more about Flair. These long coats create dramatic silhouettes and often feature epic lapels. This is a strut coat-not shiver-in.

Although they mask most of what you wear with them, you need to style them with caution. Simple styles of tops and pants allow the coat to speak, but do not feel like you have to go formally. Try a simple T-shirt and light wash jeans for less expected swagger.

Duffle Coat

This is the coat worn by sailors and schoolchildren, generals and preppy students. It has a long history of military service and simultaneously evokes images of characters by Enid Blyton. What to do with the duffle Coat?

Well, it’s very warm, waterproof (assuming you’re paying for the boiled wool) and responds to a casual and comfortable touch when you need to wrap yourself up for a cool date night. It’s also hard to trend this Season with top and bottom designers Refastening the signature switches and pulling the giant hood.

For styling, stick with a basic winter color (Black, Gray, Navy, Camel) and pair with other winter wardrobe heroes like heavy denim, chunky knitwear and Hogwarts-suitable scarves.

Coat Heritage

As winters are getting milder in Britain and elsewhere, the coat has become a fashion piece rather than a functional one. Thus, designers became more creative with fabrics, colors and shapes. Rich tones, light wool, Tweeds and check are the most common themes this winter and provide the perfect anchor for your winter wardrobe.

Anything that would not look out of place in the wardrobe department Peaky blinders will work. And You can wear it in different ways. It goes with your wool pants and grandfather collar shirt without looking like a Shelby pastiche. But if you collide with less formal styles, such an investment will wear out even more.

Wear an open double-breasted or oversized coat with a simple T-shirt and mid-wash Denim. Even some drawstring pants will work. “A good coat should be able to be dressed as easily as possible,” says Lee Goldup, Senior Menswear Buyer at London Boutique, Browns.

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