Shoe Trends For Summer

This year I really wanted to reduce my summer shoe purchases to a minimum. In the past, I bought everything I thought was cute, collected all these shoes and only wore a pair of them all season. After studying my habits, I really made the extra effort of consciously thinking about my purchases this year – I would wait a little instead of impulsively shopping, looking for similar styles to compare price and quality, then I would make sure I could wear them with multiple outfits and then decide if they made the cut. Today I share the 4 summer shoes trends I love and why.

1. Veja Sneakers – while Golden Goose sneakers have their moment, Veja is a great alternative and an affordable option that is on the rise thanks to many European bloggers. I like the minimalist style and pan-European atmosphere they have. I’m a sucker for all white sneakers, but I like the little black detail in them. The tongue on them runs a little long, so you have to get used to it (because it rubs your skin), but I didn’t find it uncomfortable in itself (even though I haven’t covered a kilometer yet). I had to go down a normal size into this. These come in different styles and color combinations.

2. Hardly there sandals with heels-I love this trend and hope that it stays here. For me, these heels are the perfect shoe to dress almost any outfit. The shorter heel makes them portable and practical, and the style is very small (not sturdy and overwhelming). These look good with dresses, midi skirts, jeans with wide or straight legs. I gave them back because I was half a size (which I would recommend to anyone).

3. Barely there flat sandals-another flattering sandal for the little ones. These really lengthen your legs, because the minimal style has this look hardly there. They were comfortable right out of the box. I received questions about the comfort of the toe strap and had no problems. I’m really trying to get her naked although I’m trying not to go over the sea with summer shoes, lol. These are also super affordable!

4. Vinyl sandals – I hesitated about this trend until maybe 2 weeks ago. I thought there was no way that Vinyl could be comfortable, but I was wrong. These protective heels are absolutely beautiful and comfortable. I read rave reviews about the level of comfort, but I did not believe it because they have a 4 ” heel, but they are really comfortable. I was fascinated by vinyl at first because Hi the legs for days and yes they are so flattering!

If you are shopping for must-have summer shoes, be sure to check it They really have it all and they do a great Job by saving small sizes (I know it first-Hand).

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