Stylish Ways To Wear Fleece Trend

Since when is the fleece cool? Like many of the current trends that permeate fashion (ugly sneakers come to mind), they probably wouldn’t have been seen dead wearing fleece a few years ago. Now it is everywhere.

Formerly only for hikers, birdwatchers and teachers on school trips, the fleece is now just as vulnerable to streetwear children as it is in the après ski lodge. Of course, it is incredibly warm and works as an overlay piece in winter. Oh, and it’s possible that it looks good too.

What Is Fleece?
The greatest attraction of the fleece has always been its warmth, despite its incredibly light weight. A completely man-made fabric made of plastic-the polyester fibers are tightly woven together and then brushed to create a pile-shaped surface.

This not only gives it a soft, structured feel, but also helps heat storage and moisture resistance of the fleece-air pockets are enclosed between the fibers, which means that the heat generated by your body remains in place.

This is why the fleece has always been popular in the great outdoors. In fact, this faithful American brand wilderness that everyone now wears, Patagonia, was the origin for the creation of the fleece in the 80s. The idea was to improve wool – of course, the best in nature, but often irritating and incredibly heavy when it is wet.

The Patagonia fleece, dubbed Synchilla, was an immediate success and became sustainable in 1993 when the brand started making it from plastic bottles. (It should be noted that not all calves are made from recycled materials – some require the use of crude oil and probably all release microplastics when washed, which can eventually end up in the world’s oceans.)

How To Wear The Fleece
The fleece has experienced a steep rise in popularity, but why do people flock there? Much of its current appeal can be traced back to the renaissance of the nineties and the General feeling of nostalgia that surrounds it. Light washed jeans, big sneakers, colorful anoraks and fleece – they all had great years and they all date back to that decade.

It is the compatibility of the Fleece with a wide range of Outfits that you like the most. Yes, he was born on the trail, but he is also at home on the street. Olie Arnold, style Director Mr Porter, speaks of his versatility: “The fleece jackets fit perfectly with the current outerwear trend and can easily be integrated into a streetwear look alongside tight cargo pants and hiking boots. You can also put your fleece over a winter shirt with your favorite chino jeans or pants to achieve a casual look on the weekend.”

To understand how far the fleece has come, go to Savile Row. Brands such as Gieves & Hawkes, tailors famous for their tailored suits, are now owners of the furry style, too. “The idea really came from the commuters on my train,” says John Harrison, creative director of the Gieves brand. “The fleece was worn with formal trousers and shirts, but not a jacket. I thought a gh fleece would be a great article. It can be dressed a little, but it is usually a warm layer, alone or under a lighter coat.”

Color Block

A fleece jacket is a great way to inject a playful splash of colour into a look. There are many patterned models available, but our favorites take a ski-inspired look with color blocking. Opt for contrasting fleece inserts – blue and red are a good cry – and pair them with a neutral chino or pale converse jeans for a casual look.

Oversized Overlay

Oversized silhouettes currently dominate the outerwear range, and fleece jackets are no exception. Look for some collar-maybe an overshirt-and lie down on a hoodie. You get all the heat from a larger coat, but no volume-perfect for transitional weather. For ultimate comfort, opt for a slim jogger and a few runners below.

Like A Vest

If a full jacket is too much, a fleece vest is a good option. You get all the warmth of the fiber on your midsection, but with increased freedom of movement in your arms-think of it as a more playful version of the down jacket that can make you look like an out-of-order hedge trimmer.


One of the easiest ways to wear fleece is as part of a minimal look. Choose a jacket from a harmless jacket and give your room to breathe by combining it with simple pieces such as a white T-shirt and a navy chino. Opt for a classic pullover with zipper and let the fleece fabric conjure in the cold.

Thick Outerwear

With its voluminous proportions and tactile finish, the fleece is undoubtedly at its best when it comes to a statement piece. The fabric is of course a little flashy and reminiscent of sheepskin or fur, so embrace it. Walk down the thick street with a thick or slightly padded fleece jacket and say goodbye to the cold forever. Wear it with staples as robust as corduroy trousers, turtleneck and white sneakers.

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