Best Barely Sandals

*I want to take a moment to acknowledge what was going on in the world. I know that the majority of us in these uncertain times have to do with fear, stress, fear and sadness. I’m right there with you, and I’m trying to navigate it as best I can. After dying was said, I […]

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All About Running Shoes

The rainy season is fast approaching in the PNW and I recently added a few new weather-friendly pieces to my workout wardrobe. One of the biggest differences about living in California and living in a place that has all 4 seasons, you need a lot more clothes, lol. You need seasonal clothing for each category-and […]

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Best Chunky Sneakers

Like it or not, massive coaches are here and they’re not going anywhere fast. Not that you could, even if you wanted to, mind you. To the casual observer, it may have come as a shock when the fashion elite in a pair of Sketchers suddenly seemed to take their style notes from Sporty Spice […]

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