Top Staple Shoes To Have In Closet

Many of you have asked for “best of” types of messages, so I thought it would be helpful to disassemble some of my basic shoes in my closet. These are shoes that I have had for years and that I have always been looking for, or shoes that I can become regulars for years to come. Over the years, I’ve really cleaned my shoes and tried to invest only in shoes that I know I’m going to wear. A few years ago, I noticed that I bought everything that caught my attention, and that I was stuck with a closet full of shoes that I never wore. Today’s post is dedicated to the staples, the shoes, I love and wear, and the shoes that I would recommend to anyone.

Gucci Mules 5 – I’ll give you your own post one of these days, but I can’t recommend the Gucci mules anymore. I am always asked if they are worth it and in my opinion 100%. I had mine for more than 3 years and they have held up well and I always reach them all the time. For me they run TTS and were comfortable right out of the box. I am a girl with a flat heel through and through, and they are the perfect pair to enhance any Outfit, while you feel comfortable.

Marc Fisher Chelsea Boots 5 – I have them also for more than 3 years and I am always looking for them all the time. These are the only flat boots, I own and wear. As a little girl, flat boots aren’t the most flattering, so I’m very picky about what I’ll wear and recommend. I get SO many questions about the best flat boots for little ones and always recommend them in black. The sharp chelsea style is high, chic and a little edgy. The top is not too high so they are always flattering on the legs and they look great with black skinny jeans. In addition, they are SUPER comfortable. My only little complaint, I wish they were a little tighter and more fitting on the foot. Although mine are old, the new version could be better.

Veja Sneakers 4 – I have them now for 2 years and I still love them so much. There is something in black and white contrast that it does for me. And they photograph so well every time (lol). This style has a very European atmosphere and makes your outfit really high and chic. You just need a while to break. There are many complaints about the stiff tongue, but if you fold them under the laces, they are golden. In addition, they perform a large size. For little feet, like my 5, I had to look and wait until the 4 was available. Nordstrom was the only place where I found them in a size 4.

Nike Air Max 270’s 6-These are by far my most worn shoes at the moment (or for the past 5 months). I did a trick for Nike sneakers, so I had my fair share, but these take the cake. They are high and elegant, they give you height, and they are so comfortable! However, I had to climb full size. This style is so chic. I even had them in a different color.

Aquatalia Britney Boots 5-these boots are new to me this year, but they are incredible. I wanted to try out the Aquatalia brand for a while, but was not sure because of the high price. After wearing them for a few months, I have to say that they are worth the investment. The quality is top notch and the fact that they are weatherproof is great, especially in PNW. They are also incredibly comfortable right out of the box. This Britney style has a longer sleeve that makes it perfect to wear under your jeans. It also has a rounded but square tip, so for those of you who prefer boots with non-pointed toes, this is a good option. An investment sure, but this style is so classic that you get a lot of wear.

Waterproof hiking boots Cole Haan Grand Explore-these are my favorite all-weather boots. I wear them when it is absolutely cold outside and I need heat or wear them on the snow. One of my favorite things about these boots, especially compared to its counterparts, they are lightweight. Hiking boots / snowshoes can be bulky and heavy, and that is not the case. There is also a small corner inside the boat that provides this extra height. Black is classic, but shearling keeps you funny and interesting. These TTS race, but I still like to go up to half a size in the winter boots because I’ll wear thicker socks with them.

Finding the best shoes for your wardrobe takes time and practice. You need to understand your style, understand what you achieve the most and which styles seem best to you. From here you can start to really invest in the right styles that will help to expand your wardrobe. Another tip: find shoes that are” missing” in your wardrobe instead of buying all the trends you see on the Internet. You want your shoes to serve a purpose instead of sitting on your shelf. Maybe it’s white sneakers, black ankle boots, flat shoes that work all year round. Fill gaps.

It is not surprising that my 6 staple shoes come from Nordstrom. You always have the best selection of classics and trends at any price. I recently also bought these shoes, these winter boots (made of chestnuts) and these mules (for spring!). Be sure to check your new arrivals here. I know that many of you are ready for spring and I already see a large selection at Nordstrom.

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